accrue waste cooking oil collection and removal

oil management

A new service which means we collect your waste oils and fats to be used for bio fuels throughout the UK! Licensed and in accordance with E. U. regulations, our family owned company has been collecting used cooking oil from: caterers, restaurants and industrial kitchens around the UK.We constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment and work diligently to ensure that our operating procedures conform to current legislation and safe working practices


duty of care

Producers of waste are responsible under their Duty of Care for ensuring that their waste is properly managed, controlled and not disposed of illegally or improperly. They must ensure that their waste is transferred to an authorized person, as defined under the Environmental Protection Act. In addition, they also need supporting documentation and records to demonstrate that it has been properly handled and disposed of at a licensed facility (the audit trail).

waste cooking oil collection by accrue


Brought in to replace existing suppliers who were not achieving the desired standards, we have reassured new clients by improving quality in all areas and have become trusted partners on further projects.

our collection service

For detailed information about our waste cooking oil collection,management and recycling, as well as other services provided by accrue, please view our services page.

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